Burger King Home Delivery…. What Do You Think?

I was reading online last night that the Burger Kings in the Washington DC and Maryland area are doing a test market for Burger King home delivery.  They are guaranteeing to get your food to you hot and your fries nice and crispy! I would love to see if that actually happens. I can’t get them home crispy when I got get them myself. I hate soggy fries. We have pizza joints that deliver here in my neighborhood up to 2am why not burgers?  

Personally I love the idea of Burger King home delivery because I can’t always get out because of one thing or another or the weather is crummy or whatever. For a $2 charge I would be up for it occasionally. 
I can’t tell you how many pizza joints we have that deliver but unfortunately we don’t have anything else that delivers not even Chinese food. I envy people who have that option!
So what are your thoughts? Would like you like see Burger King home delivery in your neighborhood? Would you utilize their services? This is not an endorsement or anything like that I am just curious about what your thoughts are! Here is the original article I found on
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Size Doesn’t Always Matter…

Some can say I am jealous, but the fact of the matter is I wouldn’t want to be Kim Kardashian to save my soul. I don’t envy that lifestyle, and to be honest with you I think her engagement ring is unattractive and complete overkill. Seriously who really needs a 2 million dollar wedding ring? No it’s not bitter grapes! Good for her for landing a man that can give her such a wedding ring. My only hope for her is that she is happy!

A 2 million dollar wedding ring is not only way over the top, but in my opinion it’s ridiculous, and looks ridiculous on her finger. I tried on a 2.5 karat wedding ring when Kevin asked me to marry him and it was too big for my hands, but how about a 20.5 karat wedding ring? Can you even imagine?

I find it hard to imagine that anyone would spend that kind of money of one piece of jewelry much less wear it. I wonder if she will spend her life walking around with a body guards now. I don’t know about you, but I would never feel comfortable wearing anything that cost that much if it didn’t come with a body guard. It seems like you would be a marked woman.

At what point is “the who can top who”, and “who has the biggest this or that” too much?  I get that you have millions and millions of dollars, but would you have thought twice about marring someone if the ring had only been 2.5 karats? Not saying that it’s a materialistic thing, but would your “love” have been any less, or would you have been any happier, or unhappier?  

I was once in a relationship with a man who could give me just about anything and everything I wanted, and I was miserable. Instead I married a man who initially had very little to offer me except himself, and I couldn’t be happier. I wonder if Kim K could say the same thing?


From My Side of the Table: Starbucks Love Them or Hate Them?

I read an article yesterday about the Starbucks CEO and that got me to thinking about the whole concept of Starbucks and the relationship I have with them. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks.
I love them because I love their frozen drinks. I love having them in my hands and slurping them down on a hot Houston summer day, or even having a nice hot coffee or hot chocolate on a cold wet winter day. They smell good, and taste great! My favorite drink at Starbucks is their Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino. It’s wonderful, and no matter how hard I try I can’t quite replicate it, but I am close!!
What I hate about Starbucks is their coffee really isn’t THAT good and when I say THAT good I mean $5’s of good!  Of course when you think about it most “coffee houses” have over priced coffee. I even noticed that McDonald’s coffee is starting to reflect the Starbucks prices, or in some cases they are closing in on them. On the grand scheme of things in my opinion Starbucks coffee is watered down tasting, and it makes me choke each time they tell me how much I owe them. Maybe I have grown too cheap for Starbucks?
With all of that being said I don’t completely avoid Starbucks, but by no means am I their number one customer. I never thought a thing about paying their prices until I married my husband who is a BIG coffee snob. He doesn’t mind paying $25 a pound for a bag of good coffee (Seriously), but he will not pay $5 for Starbucks. They $25 a pound coffee is the best coffee I have ever had, but it’s still something we don’t have often. We have it in the house, but we don’t drink it daily.
What are your Starbucks feelings? Do you love them, hate them, or like me… both?