(Not So…) Wordless Wednesday: Survival in the Concrete Paradise

This picture is very random and off the wall for me. I got a frantic call from my Mom giving me a location and asking me to meet her there with my camera. Apparently we were having an impromptu photo session. 

My Mom is a commercial artist and see’s things far different than most. She was in love with this weed and the symbolism that came with it.

Her idea that this is a small weed that broke through the concert city streets to become a healthy living thing. Her point is that anything can survive in the big city with a little strength, determination and perseverance. Hot weed in the city? 

Actually is was a very cold and weed that day! She was so fearful that if we didn’t get it on Saturday that the cold weather would kill it. Survival is the only option in the big concrete city!

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