Avocado Bacon Sandwiches … Yumm #Avocado

There is nothing new about a bacon sandwich or a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato), but what has recently stolen my heart is a bacon avocado sandwich. It’s delicious! Simply delicious! It’s so full of flavor and creaminess that I just love it. Bacon and avocado are a nice pairing of flavors.

Avocados are very inexpensive here 2 or 3 for $1. You can’t beat that! I have been eating them like crazy one, because I love them, and two because they are very good for you! A good fat! 

I like to keep the avocado simple. One avocado with salt to taste, a splash of dry onion flakes and a few shakes of garlic powder smashed up but a bit chunky. 

Replace the mayo that you might be adding to your BLT with avocado. Not only is avocado better for you than mayo but it’s also an anti-aging super food! It will give you the creaminess of mayo and will keep your sandwich moist and it’s good for you! Yummy! Make it a double!

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