Why did My Simple Side Salad Go Missing?


When I was a child we would have a side salad with every dinner at home. The only way we didn’t have a side salad if we were having burger out for dinner. Even if we were having pizza out. We always had salad with it.
Today fast food seems to be a staple food for people, but when I was a child we never had fast food. I didn’t have McDonalds until I was probably in my early teens. My friends would eat there all the time, but not me. I didn’t resent it or even think twice about it because it was normal to me. Occasionally we would have burgers or pizza out and it was a really big deal if my mom would agree to Taco bell.
My parents believed that if you were going to go out to eat that it needed to be something nice, and a better quality meal. If we went out it was for steak, seafood, or Mexican food, not crap food as my Dad would call it.
Out of the blue it hit me the other day that for whatever reason I didn’t carry on the side salad with dinner tradition that had been instilled in me. When I was having a side salad with dinner growing up I ate less and I was a lot healthier. I was certainly a lot thinner. So I decided to change that and start having that side salad again.
Sometimes bringing back those old traditions can be just what you need to start yourself back on a good eating regiment. It can be as simple as lettuce and tomato, or something with everything you can put in a bowl. The great part is there are so many ways to serve a salad I don’t think you could ever get bored!

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