Waffle Iron Hash Browns (and Grilled Cheese)

I was reading a post by One Good thing by Jillee when I came across one of her normal wonderful ideas that was a “must try” for me.  I never would have come up with this idea, but leave it to Jill… Hash browns using a waffle iron. Brilliant!

Not only are your hash browns done in under five minutes but they are perfectly golden brown and extra crispy just the way I like them. I will tell you that my waffle iron will alert you when your “waffles” are ready which helps when you are patiently impatiently waiting for your hash browns to be done. If you don’t have any alert or light indicator on your iron no worries just keep checking them.  You don’t want your potato goodness to burn or be under cooked.

You can use either frozen hash browns or tatar tots. I used the tatar tot rounds (they are thinner than your regular tatar tots) and to me they came out perfect. I have a nonstick waffle iron, but I still sprayed it down with some cooking spray, then added a little seasoning just for extra flavor. As the hash browns are cooking you will need to keep squeezing the top and the bottom of the waffle iron together. As they defrost you will want them smashed as tight as possible for the crispiness. 

In under five minutes  I had the perfect crispy hash browns. This is a wonderful time saver, and it’s a great way to keep the house cooler during the summer too! Great idea! Thanks Jill

But hey why stop at hash browns? I made a grilled cheese too. Once again there is no need to turn on the stove when you can use your waffle iron.

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