Silhouette Sunday: Holiday Gift Boxes

I have a few Christmas gifts that I have already bought for some family members. I decided instead of spending extra money on boxes that are just going to be thrown away I would make my own gift boxes using the Silhouette machine. To stay ahead on the gift wrapping I decided to go ahead and make the boxes up.
I visited the Silhouette store and found this adorable Christmas Tree box. Aren’t they cute?
In just a matter of minutes and a little glue I made these boxes that are just the right size for the earrings and necklaces I purchased.
I added a little tissue paper and I stuck a gift take on them, and now they are residing in a bag at the top of my closet. Hum I sure hope I can find them when I go looking for them again.
Have you tried making your own gift boxes? Did you have any luck? I love the idea of making my own boxes and love how cute they turned out!!

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