Silhouette Sunday: Bridal Shower Party Favors

I am co-hosting a bridal shower in a few weeks. The other host and I have been trying to come up with shower favor ideas. We want to give each guest a little something to take home with them just as a thank you for their attendance at the bridal shower.

The wedding will be a destination wedding so for most people (including myself and the other host) this will be our only way of being part of the wedding. The wedding colors are purple and silver so both of those colors were what we wanted to work with.

We went to a local card store in hopes of ordering some really cute favor boxes that we could fill with something like jordon almonds or even chocolates.

It didn’t take long at the card store to realize that ordering 25 small favor boxes would quickly blow our bridal shower budget. After decorations, food and drinks we were on a tight budget. The cost of 25 boxes was going to be around $50 plus the price of the printing ink, and shipping, plus a flat setup fee. WOW-ZERS!! Yep that would have sent us over our budget.

After looking at the favor boxes it hit me! Why not see if I could find favor boxes on the Silhouette online store. BINGO! We agreed on this cute little box. We bought some purple card stock and we are filling the boxes with Hershey kisses to incorporate the silver.  How cute is that?

Our original price at the card store was going to be at least $60.00! Yikes! With a little playing around on Silhouette online store we made our own bridal shower favor boxes for under $20.00!
How cute are they?

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