Silhouette Thanksgiving Ideas! @silhouetteam

I know I am jumping the gun a bit, but I am already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and how I want to decorate the house. Taking down the Halloween decorations will be so sad if we don’t have something to go up before all the Christmas decorations go up. I hate the transition time between holidays. The house always looks naked.

I have decided that one of the many things I would like to do it make a Thanksgiving themed garland to hang over my dining room table. Not only will it make a nice decoration leading up to Thanksgiving, but it will also look wonderful while everyone is eating Thanksgiving dinner around the dinner table.

I have been using the Silhouette machine to make small leaves out of card paper check them out. Aren’t they cute? When I get the garland made and hung up I will post pictures of it. This afternoon I will be heading to the hobby store to find some ribbon to attach all the leave to. I have no doubt it will turn out cute!

I also made this cute little Thanksgiving box. I am thinking about placing one at each persons dinner place setting with nuts, or candy, or something else in it as a take home and a thank you for coming. What do you think? Cute huh!

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