Rice Paper Salad Wraps

I always have my eyes open for new and inventive low calorie ways of reinventing the wheel. Meaning how can I serve the same old salad (or whatever) and make it more exciting.  The last thing I want to happen in my low calorie eating is to get bored. Boredom can lead to failure!

A few days ago I was in our international grocery store in the Asian section and came across rice paper. I love Vietnamese spring rolls which are made with rice paper. I got to thinking maybe you could do other things with rice paper too? Rice paper averages about 56 calories a sheet so what the heck I thought let’s give it a try!

My first venture so far into the rice paper trial has been making salad wraps. Make up about 6 cups of salad with all of your favorite salad ingredients including the dressing. Wet your rice paper, and then roll about one cup of salad up in the rice paper making rice paper salad wraps.

The rice paper will stick together sealing the edges. This makes a very fun salad side dish that is also an easy finger food. If you want to leave the dressing off of the salad you can serve it on the side as a dipping sauce. People love to dip! 😉
Rice paper is a fun way to reinvent the same old eating routine and do it in a low calorie way!! As you can see in the picture above my first attempt at wrapping the salad resulted in it being wrapped too loosely. By the time I was finishing my 6th salad wrap they were turning out perfect! Practice makes perfect, or at least close!

Rice paper ideas:
  1. Ham and cheese salad
  2. Julienned Apples slices with light/sugar free caramel sauce
  3. Mixed fruit salad in fat free whip cream

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