Ice Cream Shop Fake Out (163 Calories)

I am trying to teach not only myself but my family to eat lower calorie foods and also teach them that just because something is lower calorie doesn’t mean it isn’t good. You can still have a fun a delicious dessert without sacrificing your entire day and workout. We have all been craving something sweet and yummy but my husband and I don’t want to kill our entire diet by eating it. 

By putting our heads together we have come up with a yummy ice cream shop fake out that’s only 163 calories each. Not only is it delicious, but it’s fun, and cute and a lot less calories than chocolate ice cream with cherries and whipped topping. It’s budget friendly and family friendly. I haven’t seen a kid yet that doesn’t devour it. Our family loves this dessert I hope your family will too!

  • 1 Ice Cream Cup or cone
  • 1 Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Cup           
  • 3 tbsp.  Fat Free Cool-Whip (Frozen)
  • 1/3 cup Sugar Free Cherry Pie Filling
  • ½ tsp. Rainbow Sprinkles


  1. Crumb one ice cream cone or cup on a plate
  2. Top cone with cold sugar free chocolate pudding
  3. Top pudding with cold sugar free cherry pie filling
  4. Top pie filling with frozen whip topping
  5. Top whip topping with sprinkles.
  6. Enjoy your fake out!

Nutritional Information:

  • Calories 163
  • Carbs 34
  • Fat 3
  • Protein 0
  • Sugar 9

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2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Shop Fake Out (163 Calories)”

  1. This sounds great! Make mine without the cherries, please! Are you using a full-size cone or those mini cones that are available now? I bet you could pop that pudding cup in the freezer for a little while to get a little more ice-cream-ish. I recently discovered how my the whipped topping tastes like ice cream when still frozen! Mmmmmm! This will be my dessert next week! Thanks so much for sharing! (this will be pinned!)


  2. I think they are the small cones but I am not sure. I don't remember what the other size looks like. The box doesn't say mini cones. When I was in girl scouts we would take chocolate pudding and put it in the ice cream cones and top it off with whip topping and sprinkles. I will be making that next!


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