STOP! Drop that bread bag!

We are notorious for letting bread get stale. We don’t each a lot of sandwich bread. We always have it, but it doesn’t always get eaten. My husband eats it when he makes a peanut butter sandwich, but that is pretty much it. Typically we eat everything else on other types of bread. I always feel guilty when I have a bag of bread that goes stale. I hate wasting food, and worse money.
I decided that wasn’t happening anymore we were spending too much money on things we were not eating. I wasn’t going to stop buying the bread because my husband likes to have it when the PB is calling his name. I had to think of alternative ways of preserving it, and I have. I often take the bread and dry it out beyond belief. It’s brick hard when I am done with it. A 400 degree oven for 15+ minutes can work wonders.
I make:
  • Bread crumbs (They are much better than anything you can buy in a store)
  • Stuffing (Any turkey would love this stuffing)
  • Croutons (A few spices, olive oil, garlic powder they become restaurant quality)
  • Toast (Sure why not?)
You can keep each one of these items for weeks with an air tight container. Why waste food you have already paid for, then turn around and pay for it again in the store in a new form like bread crumbs.

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