How long can you freeze food?

Recently I went from having a kitchen freezer and a full size large freezer to just having a kitchen freezer. Our large freezer died, and we do not want to purchase a new one until we move in the spring. Less to move! Wow what an adjustment. As you can see, my freezer is packed. We never have enough room now. I cannot stock up on many of the things I did stock up on. When I was cleaning out the large freezer, I can across things that looked like they had been there five years.

I am horrible about putting things in the freezer that later become unidentifiable. I do not know what they are much less, how long they have been there. Even when I have gone through the trouble of labeling, I am never sure if it is safe to eat. I could never have told you what it was. Is there a time limit when freezing food? I found this article on Yahoo Green to be very informative. How long can you freeze food?

3 thoughts on “How long can you freeze food?”

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  2. The information you found looks like it gives a very useful guide to how long foods keep while frozen. Personally, I know we've kept foods longer than a year. However, if I found something that was five years old then I'd be more likely to throw it out to be on the safe side.Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm returning the gesture and am now following yours.Check out some of my posts…Chit Chat On Patrice’s Farmhouse PorchWayback Wednesdays…1993Have a good day!Cathy Kennedy, Children’s AuthorThe Tale of Ole Green Eyes


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