A Plumber on YouTube Helped Fix My Sink!!

Who knew?
Our kitchen sink was clogged last night! I mean clogged! The dishwasher was backing up into the sink, and when I turned the garbage disposal on in one sink it backed up in the other sink.  No matter what I did nothing worked.
I went to the grocery store and purchased some Drano. Against my better judgment I left it sitting in the sink for one hour verses the suggested 15 minutes. It’s only a suggestion….  Ummm Right? 😉
So anyway one hour came and went. My sink was still sitting with water in it with no intention of budging. Kevin and I had already bailed water out of two sinks once I didn’t want us to have to do it again. He had an import call come through so I decided to use the woman within me to fix the sink. I wasn’t going to let some stinkin’ sink win! Hell to the NO!
After searching online I found a video on YouTube that I hoped was the answer to my prayers and questions. As you can see from the video above this nice man explains how to fix a clogged sink. GUESS WHAT it worked. I fixed the sink!!
I ran in on my husband important call and did the happy dance right in front of him. Yes, it was all he could do to not laugh out loud at me, but it worked! I would like to go on record as saying once again a woman can fix anything and doesn’t need a man to do it! Ha! Well except for the man in the video lol! 

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