We Lost Our Loving Bunny

Yesterday our little bunny Cody went to bunny heaven. His presence is already greatly missed. The cats seem lost without their friend, and the humans are missing him like crazy too.
Who knew cats and rabbits could cohabitate so well together. They loved to play with Cody! He would chase them and they would chase him. I think he had identity crises and thought he was a cat himself. After all he did teach all the cats how to use the litter box, and they taught him how to walk on the tile floor, and roll over the way they did.

He was such a special guy. He was a free range rabbit never caged and always had free roam of the house. He wouldn’t have even known what to do if he had been put outside. He was a happy cat rabbit!
He was part of my life before I met my husband! It’s funny how something so small can be such a big part of your life!!

You are missed terribly Cody Roader! 4/26/04 – 08/03/2011 *big smile … little tear*

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