Berry’s and Cream (64 Calorie)

I have been occasionally consuming a 100 calorie pre packed snack pack here and there throughout my diet the last 2+ weeks. My cousin aptly pointed out to me that there are many other snacks out there that you can have that are 100 calories or less and also a lot more satisfying and better for you. 

With that being said I took her advice and conjured up this little ditty tonight to have with our dinner, and I must say, although it’s nothing fancy or special, it was really good, low in calories, and easy to make!
  • 45 grams Fresh Strawberry’s sliced (14 calories)
  • 47 grams Fresh Blueberries (27 calories)
  • Cool Whip Fat Free 3 Tbsp. (23 calories)


Place your fruit and cool whip in a bowl and fold those fruit into the cool whip. You can allow the berry’s and cream to sit in the refrigerator a bite to allow the flavors to mingle or you can eat immediately. Simple, Sweet, Cheap, and Low Calorie!

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