A Convection Oven Summer

This is my GE Convection Toaster Oven (well a picture of it from This was one of the gifts my husband got me for Christmas. It has really come in handy so many times. For instance when our oven when out Easter weekend this worked like a charm to get everything I needed to cook cooked.

I have decided that this wonderful creation is going to become my new best friend this summer. If I cannot cook it either on my stove top burners, the microwave, the fryer, or in this convection oven, then it’s not going to be made.

Not only will using this verse the oven keep my house cooler, but it will also keep my light bill down. Our light bills are always high, and it’s always hot during a Texas summer.

The long and short is if I can I will be converting my recipes to fit in my convection one way or another. It will toast (not very well), broil, and bake! It even has a rotisserie on it which I have never used. Let the Convection Oven Summer Begin!

Update: My oven died in November of 2013 so it was 3 years old when it died!

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