Wordless Wednesday – Bad Bunny

Cody really is a cute and sweet bunny! I mean seriously who could resist that face? I know I sure can’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a busy little guy and gets into just about everything you can imagine.

First off Cody has an identity crisis, and thinks he’s a cat. He does not live in a cage, in fact he sleeps under a table at night. He has free range of the house and uses the little box just like the cats. He is 7 years old and has outlived any other rabbit I have had in the past. I believe it’s because he is never caged, and the cats keep him on his toes. He does love his kitties!

I got Cody from a breeder when he was 6 weeks old. I taught him how to pull a string, and how to rip paper both of which occasionally come back to haunt me. He love mischief and routinely seeks it out.  If it’s tied he unties it, and if it’s paper well… he shreds it.

Case in point: A new bag of kitty little shredded and kitty litter every place you can imagine. He made the mess and the cats thought it was wonderful so they proceeded to play in it and spread litter throughout the house.

Cody was so tired from his kitty litter bag massacre that he fell asleep in the middle of his mess. Cute, but annoying! 

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