Cheater Cheater Barbequed Chicken Sliders

I am notorious for putting dinner off until the last minute. I either forget to take something out of the freezer or time gets away from me, and we are approaching eight pm, and I haven’t even started dinner. Because of those reason I always make sure I have something that I can make for dinner that’s quick and easy and something I can pull out of the freezer at a moment’s notice. I always have stewed or roasted chicken in the freezer. I keep many zip bags with a pound of cooked chicken in the freezer at all times. When I am in a hurry I make barbeque chicken sliders. It’s cheating at its finest but it works, and taste great too! It’s simple, and I have not met a kid yet who doesn’t like them. They really are kid sized. Don’t forget the paper plates for quick clean up. If you are going to cheat why not cheat all the way?


  • 1 pound of precooked shredded chicken
  • Your favorite barbeque sauce
  • Slider buns


  1. Add chicken to a medium size pot
  2. Coat with your favorite barbeque sauce (just enough to coat your chicken, not soupy)
  3. Heat through
  4. Add to slider buns, and top with pickles onion, or whatever makes you happy!

4 thoughts on “Cheater Cheater Barbequed Chicken Sliders”

  1. Yum! They look amazing. 🙂 I fixed a pork bbq roast and hoped to have leftovers for sandwiches the next day. Guess I'll have to fix another one! 🙂


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