Top Ten Organizing Tips (From Betty Crocker) Pantry Makeover

Top Ten Organizing Tips (From Betty Crocker)

  1. Group like items in the cupboard together and label the shelves (i.e. pasta & grains, soup, tea). This will provide you with a visual cue as to what you need to replenish.
  2. On the top cupboard shelf store dry foods that are specifically for guests that pop by. Items like assorted crackers, jarred spreads, anchovies and olives can be quickly assembled if you need to act quick.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, spices to have a shelf life. Once a year, toss any spices that have not retained their aroma.
  4. Transfer pastas, dry beans, rice and flour to clear air-tight containers and place a label on the container indicating when you purchased the item. Dry foods that have been kept too long start to lose their color and can form grain mites.
  5. After a shopping trip, place newer items at the back of the fridge. Older items moved up front will get used before they expire.
  6. To avoid science experiments from taking over your fridge, once a week throw out any items that just don’t belong anymore, such as uneaten leftovers.
  7. Mimic your supermarket’s storage system. If they don’t have something refrigerated, do the same at home i.e. tomatoes and most fruits do not need to be refrigerated; most vegetables do.
  8. More than 1/4 inch frost build-up in a freezer increases the amount of energy uses. If necessary, defrost your freezer often.
  9. If storage containers take up too much space in your freezer, create an airtight seal using foil. Then apply a strip of colored tape to identify the contents i.e. red equals steak, blue equals fish. Note: Stickers do not work as well as tape in the freezer.
  10. No need to have three bags of peas – consolidate all like items.

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