Time for a little Spring Cleaning!!

This is normally where I do all of my work. Couponing, blogging, or recipes you name it my dining room table is where it all begins. I hate sitting in the office away from everyone else so I tend to sit at the table to do all of my work. I walked into the dining room today and realized my “job” was taking over the table. I had coupons all over the place, mail in rebates, my coupon binder, Blackberry, Laptop, you name it… it was on the table. Ugh! How can it be that no matter how hard I try to keep everything neat and tidy it seems to look like this by the end of the day. I have to figure out how to stay organized, keep tidy, and still be able to pull off everything I do. Today was the first day of the rest of the year for my table. It’s going to get the SPRING CLEANED no matter what. Is it just me? OR do you have the same problem I have. It starts out looking great and somehow turns into this cesspool of a disaster. Hey it’s April 1st why not take this day to organize at least one room, section, or even drawer of your home. You and your house will thank you for it.

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