I won a Domino’s Pizza Party!!

I am really excited!! I won a Domino’s Pizza House Party!! On June 20th, party guests across the country will gather to enjoy a delicious dinner on the house — from Domino’s!
My guests will have a hard time choosing a favorite from among such choices as the Philly Cheese Steak, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch™, Memphis BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Honolulu Hawaiian or Pacific Veggie. I’ll be getting a party pack with a $75 Domino’s gift card to buy one of each Domino’s American’s Legends™ pizzas and other special treats to make every moment of this get-together as delicious as your Domino’s meal.
House Party is such a fun site. If you haven’t already signed up you should give it a try. House Party gives you the oppertunity to host a party on them. Keep checking back with them for chances to sign up for parties they need host for. If you are chosen as a host they will send you everything that you need except, the guest, and the decorations.
This is the second party I have been lucky enough to host. The first one was Bliss Chocolate by Hershey’s. It was a very fun time had by all. No doubt this party will be just as fun, like chocolate, who doesn’t like pizza.

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