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We are a family friendly PR friendly blog! If you are looking for a blog to promote your products or services you have come to the right place! We have a high traffic blog that receives thousands of visitors per day.  We would love to review your products or services and expose what you have to offer to our family of followers.

We are not only a recipe and cooking blog, but we live life and talk about life’s daily events and adventures. We love crafts, cooking, couponing, saving money, spending money, current events, and keeping up to date with new technology and hot trends. 

We also like exploring the world of new products and new adventures. Our favorite posts are product reviews and giveaways of the latest and greatest products and services hitting the market. Check out our previous and current product reviews and giveaways. We are convinced you will want us to review your products and services too.

Product Reviews and Giveaways:

Our product reviews are honest and fun. We add our own personal touch to each review specific to your products. We feel that honesty is everything in a product review. We want our readers to love the products as much as we do and trust and value our honest opinion. Our entire team takes a hands on approach to reviewing each product or service we receive. 

Each review has high quality photographs and logos so that our readers have a full understanding of what we are reviewing and want your company represents. We also include links and backlinks to your products online. We do not remove any product review or giveaway from our site so it will stay located on Colie’s Kitchen for the lifetime of our site which is more exposure for you.

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About Us

The Goalie and I

Pull up a chair and have a set and welcome to Colie’s Kitchen. I am the editor of Colie’s Kitchen. Colie’s Kitchen isn’t necessarily a recipe blog, but a blog based on the views from my side of the world, or my side of the table so to speak.I am a married “bonus mom” (step mom) to a wonderful husband “the goalie” and “the princess”!

“The Goalie”
I work full time and I am finishing up my MBA. Life is  full time organized chaos. Organized chaos pretty much says it all except saying that I am organized is probably exaggerating. My goal is to cook dinner each night, but as life goes that is much easier said than done. My family and I are not on a diet, but we are learning how to eat the right way, and learning a healthier lifestyle change. I love to cook, but hate to do dishes. I hate to clean, but I hate a dirty house. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate to fold it, and then put it away. Simply put I need a housekeeper! I hate housekeeping, but like I said a dirty house is not an option!
The “Princess” when she was younger! She is now 21 WHAT!!
Life isn’t always easy, but it certainly could be worse. I am blessed beyond anything thing I could express to you. I have an amazing family and a relatively great life in Texas. Besides cooking I love to coupon because I love saving money. The more I save the more I have to spend! I love to do crafts although I am not that great at it. I love the outdoors and the cooler weather. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and ice hockey are life to me. I love animals and would do anything for an animal. 
I am Catholic with a great love for my savior Jesus Christ. I am half city girl and the other half country girl. I am a good friend, but I could be better. I am not a clothes hound, nor a fashionista, but I do love high heels and blue jean just not necessarily together. I am an emotional eater who is trying to overcome my addiction. I stopped being shy the summer after my senior year of high school. I got over it, when I realized that I wouldn’t get anywhere in life by being shy. I don’t tend to hold back on anything I think. I am outspoken, sometimes obnoxious, but I wear my emotions on my sleeve so beware.
All in all I am a good person who will always be there for you if you need me. I am a zany, fun loving, and a crazy person who loves her family, loves her God, and loves to cook.
Welcome to Colie’s Kitchen! I love having you here!!

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